Here is a list of Grooming Packages and Services available from Lea Ann. Pricing for these Packages will vary from dog to dog. Things such as Breed, Size, Temperament, Condition of the Coat, and Frequency of Grooming will all be determining factors in the price of your groom. Please call the Westside Veterinary Service for a grooming estimate. 270-753-6749

Bath and Brush Out

  • Bathed Twice in Premium Shampoo (different products available for different coat and skin types)
  • Complementary Warm Hydro Massage
  • Premium Conditioner Application (if needed)
  • BlowDry/FluffDry
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Toe Nail Trim
  • Extended Brushout (20-30minutes)
  • Bows or Bandana (per owners' preference)

Tidy Up

  • Everything that is included in the Bath and Brush Out Package, plus
  • Shaving or Trimming Out of the "Potty Areas"
  • Shaving out the Paw Pads
  • Rounding the Feet with Scissors
  • Trimming the Hair out of the Eyes

Heavy Neaten

  • Everything that is included in the Tidy Up Package, plus
  • Scissoring up the Lines of the Dog (ie Legs, Stomach, Chest, Feathers etc.)
  • Creating a very Natural and Tidy Look

Full Service Groom

  • Everything that is included in the Bath and Brush Out Package, plus
  • An All Over Clippered or Hand Scissored Haircut in what ever Style the owner chooses

DeShed Treatment: **Reduces Shedding by 90% for 4-6 weeks**

  • Two Baths in Low-Shed Shampoo
  • Warm Hydro Massage with Furminator Solution
  • Velocity Dry (blows out all loose hair)
  • Extensive Brush Out with Furminator and De-Shedding Combs until no more hair comes off
  • Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression, and Toe Nail Trim
  • Bows or Bandana (Per owners' request)

Add On Services:

These can be added onto any grooming package or purchased A-La-Carte.

  • Nail Filing: Smooths and rounds off the sharp jagged edges of the nail, helps to prevent splitting, and allows for a shorter nail trim because you can file around the quick without injuring the dog.
  • Teeth Brushing: Promotes Oral Hygiene (Owner will receive the toothbrush to use regularly at home, as well.)
  • Nail Paw-lish: Non toxic polish designed for pets, suitable for short haired dogs and shaved feet.
  • Blue Berry Facial: Spa Product designed for pets. It brightens, whitens, and smells delicious!