Posted 01-21-2013 by Lea Ann in News

Soooo.  My husband is a web-developer, and he spent the past week or so building me this fancy-schmancy website!  (Love you husband!)  I'm super excited about it. The intent is to showcase my grooming, reach more potential clients, share some of the products I love with other groomers, exchange tips, tricks, and ideas with others, and maintian an internet presence somewhere other than facebook...  And apparently obsess over typos, grammar and spelling. (Maybe it's just the cold medicine, but "beginnings" is seriously a weird word to spell!!)

Please check back often for new stories and tails.  <---  See what I did there?  I totally think I'm punny.    (My husband will roll his eyes at this....ha!)

I hope to have something interesting to say at least once a week.  So seriously, check back often!  :)


01-26-2013, Dana W said:

Your husband has done a wonderful job! The site looks great and I LOVE the pictures you have on each page! I can't wait to hear what you have to share.

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